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  • Area: 1,104,300 square kilometers
  • Population: 94.138.000 (2018) 
  • Capital: Addis Abeba
  • Form of government: federal republic
  • Average life expectancy: (2016)
    • 67,8 years (female)
    • 64 years (male)
  • Illiteracy rate: 53% (2018)
  • Top three export goods: coffee, oilseeds, gold
  • Known for: vegan and vegetarian meals

Ethiopia is the tenth biggest country in Africa and adjoins to Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenia, Somalia, and Dschibuti. Addis Abeba, the capital city, has about 3 million habitants and is the political and economic center of the country. One half of Ethiopia is located 1200 meter high. The main rainy season is from June to September.

ethiopia reduceAlthough the South African nation possesses huge water resources - altogether 14 rivers for example the blue Nil - the water resources are only partly used. After Nigeria, Ethiopia is the second-most populous country in Africa and has about 94 million habitants. A huge part of the population lives below the national poverty line. According to the Human Development Index (HDI) Ethiopia ranges on position 173 of 189. In the last years, the government has made great endeavour to support the development of the country and to improve the living conditions. A positive economic growth caused the implementation of themes like education, health and poverty. 80 per cent of them live on the country. The multi-ethic nation is split into 80 different ethnical groups and languages, which all have a strong consciousness of tradition. During the last years, Ethiopia has become a popular travel destination for tourists. In 2013, it has been named one of the ten most popular travel destinations worldwide.


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