Tanzania - Country Portrait

  • Area: 947,303 square kilometres
  • Population: 55,572,000 (2016)
  • Independent: Tanganyika 9.12.1961; Zanzibar 10.12.1963
  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Form of government: Parliamentary republic
  • Average life expectancy: (2015)
    • 64 years (female)
    • 60 years (male)
  • Illiteracy rate: 29.4 % (2015)
  • Top three export goods: cotton, gold and cashews
  • Known for: Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain

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Tanzania is a country in South Africa located at the Indian Ocean – next to Uganda in the North, Ruanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West as well as Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the South. Even though Daressalam is the largest city of the country and occupies the seat of government, Dodoma is the official capital city. About 49 million people live in the sparsely populated country. The climate in Tanzania is tropical and all over the year it´s hot and humid, especially at the coast. The country possesses natural landscapes that rank among the most breath-taking worldwide. With its diverse ethnical groups, about 100 languages are spoken nationwide. Tansania Zoom
Agriculture is the main source of income for most of the population. About one third of the population lives beneath the national poverty line. Tanzania ranks on position 159 of 187 according to the Human Development Index (HDI).

Important export goods are coffee, tea, cotton and cashew nuts, which are sold to China, Japan or Germany. The national dish named “Ugali” consists of mush represents the staple food of many Tanzanian inhabitants. There are different religions in Tanzania like Christianity, Catholicism or Islam as a result of the diverse ethnical groups. The country is well known for extensive ebony carvings from the Makonde tribe as well as its famous nature and faune.

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